A Portrait Of Sammy

A Portrait Of Sammy
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Over the past 40 years I've had the privilege of working with some of the greatest musicians in the world. The joy I've felt in those moments makes me want to share them with a new generation of aspiring musicians. I've assembled the various orchestras together for you in one grand musical Portrait. It is meaningful to me both historically and musically. The three primary elements of music are melody, harmony and rhythm ... I firmly believe the common denominator is melody. Having been blessed with so many wonderful soloists, I patterned this album specifically to reflect that. Since no compilation of mine would be complete without reaching back to my Basie roots, I included seldom performed Freckle Face and Time Stream. It also contains a few compositions from my very first recording in 1978, paying special attention to the exotic sonority of Dark Orchid.
Many ask what life means ... a universal quiz, don't they know .... living is.
Gary Gray.

Track Listing:
1. Dark Orchid
2. Freckle Face
3. Tangerine
4. Veronique
5. Swingin' On The Orient Express
6. Lisette
7. Time Stream
8. Katy
9. A Cool Breeze
10. Its My Turn
11. Kiji Takes A Ride
12. A Warm Breeze
13. Out Of The Night
14. Satin 'N Glass
15. 88 Basie Street